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Nyarko is a one of a kind. She is loyal, always someone to go to for a great time, and a great addition to any party. She is rather quiet if you don't know her, but if you do, she's rather loud. Nyarko is not someone to take advantage of. She's smarter than you think. Nyarko is nice to everyone around her, and her personality is the first thing that stands out to people. It is as vibrant as her raven black hair. She is dedicated to her work and dedicated to those who she calls her friends. She enjoys the simple things in life, and most Nyarkos find their closest friend in a sister, or a close friend that they consider as a sister. If you come across a Nyarko, hold on to her friendship. You won't regret it.
"Are you friends with Nyarko?"
"Of course I am! Who isn't!"
by b246track January 25, 2013
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