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A beautiful female, inside and out. All Nyanda's appear to be some type of exotic. Never haters, always come out on top. Nyanda's are very athletic, and never slacking.
You see that girl over there, she gotta be a Nyanda dawg. She's soo bad.
by Bhabie June 18, 2018
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has only one good side, that is that it is the school where jesus currently resides. Usually found on the stairs smoking with mates
"have you seen the guy that looks like jesus? i think he goes to nyanda"
by theonlyjesus July 27, 2007
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1. Refering to something or someone of extremely substandard quality or usefulness. Derived from the name of an extremely low quality Australian State School.

2. a school which is an absolute fuckin shithote that houses many knob jockeys, fuckin hobos and retards except renee and friends.
1)"Jason's Car is Nyanda Quality"
"Megan is a Nyanda Quality Slut"

2)"being nyanda quality is crazy as sin"
"angie is anthing but nyanda quality"

3} mobbs humps nyanda quality trees and has a nyanda quality fat head
by renee December 07, 2004
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