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The process in which a human male that has recently finished his coming of age, still finds himself bound to modern internet society and culture. As he watches his peers socialize with potential mates, soon the realization sets in, that his own "coming of age" was encased by a digital webbing spun by the meme driven hive-mind personality that we call internet. With social skills strung up and instructed by online culture, and a frail pool of interests to draw from (mainly consisting of memes or video games, both of which are limited in variety as the victim in most cases will only associate himself with things that are accepted by the vast majority of the internet society.) it becomes quite obvious to him, and even more obvious to the poor souls who wind up the guinea pigs to his mateless revelation, that the victims testicles have undoubtedly become strapped down by the social leash of his secluded upbringing, and that the leash will only let his want to interact go so far. Throughout early life, unknowingly, the Nutt-Netted individual had let his nutts become ensnared by the net of which he trusted to catch his fall time and time again. This is what happens when the internet has netted someones nutts. Only time and years of embarrassment will tell if a victim will be able to untangle himself. Although, in very rare instances, men will take their seemingly permanent virginity and pave the road for conversation, albeit horribly awkward.
Person A: "Poor guy, I wish I could give him some advice, but he only communicates through printed out memes."
Person B: "I didn't think it was that bad, it's 2045, memes are literally in the history books and he still relies on things like doge to try and create conversation?"
Person A: "He was raised off memes, hes lived off memes, he's so dependent on old internet culture that hes been nutt-netted for 50 years from birth to this day."
by Cippster October 18, 2016
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