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1. /noun/ An alcoholic beverage that (due to a small amount of mercury and lead) changes from color to color while you drink it. The immediate affect of the drink is a sudden dream-like high. Can be described as a a truly psychedelic experience. Unfortunately, side affects include "hippie" hallucinations, serious and sudden tremors of the body, and on occasion breaking out into Lady Gaga dance moves as well as songs.

Note: There is a slight chance of permanently altering your central nervous system (a.k.a your brain)...but in a blind test put out by the NIH only 7/10 people had this problem. So take your chance and be one of the lucky 30%...actually no, 20% (the other 10% sort of...."moved on" if you no what i mean, they will be deeply missed).
Dude 1: "Hey man, can i have 2 Nussenzwaggers?"

Dude 2: "Sure. Happy suicide."

Dude 1: "You know it!"
by ilovetheevent November 02, 2010
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