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A couple that met while Eaton mayonnaise.
by Nuriel March 26, 2019
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no matter how bad things may be in your life, every time you see him a smile always finds a way to spread across your face. he is the type of guy who always makes you laugh but never makes you cry. every second you are with him you are either smiling or laughing because he just has that affect on people. he is the most amazing guy i have or will ever meet. not only is he amazing, but he is a genius--he is the smartest guy i know. he may be dorky (which apparently is a complement), but thats one of the many things that i love about him. he isnt just any dork--he is MY dork. the second you are forced to leave his side you miss him, for when you are around him you feel complete. when you are apart, you feel like part of you is missing. if you ever find any guy as amazing as nuriel, you should make sure u get him before anyone else does because you dont find guys like this every day.
i miss nuriel.
nuriel is a dork.
by hick January 15, 2005
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Nuriel is a guy with a lot of insecurities. He may be shy at first, but will slowly grow on you. I guess we can say he's pretty good looking, but he doesn't agree. He tends to overthink a lot of things, and gets overwhelmed by the thought of losing someone he loves. He writes poetry, but he says they aren't good. A lot of people say his poems are good, but he still doesn't believe it. He does say the Perfect Series are his favorite poems. He has an incredible, amazing, loving, perfect girlfriend, and will fight for her. He will do anything to make sure she's happy. I'm sure they'll love each other forever. Nuriel is a kinda smart guy, but doesn't believe so. He never loses an argument, unless it's against his parents or girlfriend. Nuriel will help any person, because he's caring. He loves his girlfriend so much, you won't believe it. Overall, he's a great person, and a loyal friend
Girlfriend: I love you Nuriel
Nuriel: I love you too My Perfection

*5 million I love yous later*
Nuriel: Ok you win
Girlfriend: No you do
*10 thousand No you dos later*
Girlfriend: Ok I win
Nuriel: Yay
Girlfriend: Hey guess what
Nuriel: What
Girlfriend: I love you
(Repeat this process a couple 100 times, and you got a normal conversation between these two)
by Theyretoosquishy June 17, 2018
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