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When someone shits in a 7-11 big bite box and then places it in a microwave and nukes it for 2-4 minutes and leaves for the homeowner of landlord to find. In some cases a contractor mad at another may nuke a shit as a sign of anger for having to do shitty work in the first place, or for being a asshole in general. Best part of the nuked shit is the fact that it is one of the last places one would look for the stench of shit.
Danny (worker)and Jeff (boss) were stumped for days on the odor in the rental house. Once the nuked shit was discovered Jeff said "guess what Danny? Since I'm the boss, you're the nuked shit cleaner upper!" Danny, being the hardcore badass he is, reached in with bare hands and smeared the nuked shit all over Jeff's seat in his truck.
by Bajaboy January 16, 2013
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