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A Nugorian is a humanoid race, having two arms, two legs, a torso, waist, and head in the basic humanoid configuration. The head resembles that of a reptilian with the snout pointed downwards and the eyes on what would be the top of the head of the reptilian shape. The species is extremely thin and tall, and prefers the more humid climates. Their brains are extremely evolved and capable of manipulating their surroundings through specific brainwaves that can be reffered to quite accurately as 'PSI Emmissions'.
An alien race given millions of years in advance towards the human race.
by Kai Okana July 23, 2004
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Dominant species on the planet of Nugoria, some believe that anyone that is very serious about work is a Nugorian.
The Nugorian can be sensed, not seen.
by John Noble April 21, 2003
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