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Woman spanning the universe have been affected by a semi psychopathic phenomenon where their most private pictures, meant for one person's pair of eyes have been leaked for the world to see. This can harm anyone and every one. The women no longer need to send nudes because everyone has seen it already and the men still want these long over done treasures of ancient pasts.
The nude breach is really a loose-loose situation for all.
by PineappleJuice March 22, 2015
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An unfortunate event that has affected people across the world. When once a upon a time it was a fun and flirty way to add a spark to a relationship by sending nudes to each other; it is no longer considered safe. There was a series of events that led up to this state, which include but is not limited to:
Micheal: hey dude, your gf send you any nudes today??
Frank: Yeah man, she is totally bangin today! check it out!
Micheal: damn!! can you send that to me?
Frank: idk dude, i'll think about it
***Micheal and Frank get to school***
Micheal: bros, check out the nude Bianca sent Micheal this morning!
The guys all at once: Daaaaayuuumn!

People who are skilled at programming have strategically managed to release to the public and/or their friends and family the nudes that every single female from every walk of life has ever sent, from A list celebrities to the thot next door.
The nude breach is really a loose-loose situation.
by PineappleJuice March 27, 2015
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