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A shit so foul, it leaves a mushroom cloud above the stall and the fallout stenches up the whole building.
Dude 1: what's that smell?
Dude 2: fucking Bill was just in the restroom and took a nuclear shit.
Dude 1: man, that could choke a maggot!
by ex_lax70 October 26, 2016
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Normally caused by A drink that is used to kill zombies in COD WAW but can also be used as an anal cleanser. Manufacturer is not responsible for nuked restrooms. therefore PHD flopper is prohibited by casual consumption
Joe: "where's jenny?"
Alex: "she took a swig of PHD flopper which contains prunes, ate some haribo sugar free gummy bears and has been in the hospital ever since"
Joe: "what happened, wait isn't she allergic to prunes?"
Alex: "I heard a fart, then an explosion. I think she might've blown her ass apart. she did say she had to take a nuclear shit"
Joe: "Oh my god!"
(Alex takes a swig of PHD)
Joe: "you didn't just drink that!"
Alex: (stomach gurgles) "Must've been the drink i had" (runs into restroom)
Joe: "MOTHER OF G0-"
(house explodes)
via giphy
by I h8 nes May 07, 2020
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