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A NU-METALHEAD is just a metalhead really
all though nu-metal uses DJ decks and less guitar solos or drum solos (witch is looked down on by the rest of the metal community)its still metal most NU-METALERS
still listen to the more mainstream metal bands such as metallica , slayer and canible corpes but like bands such as slipknot , korn and marilyn manson

metal is metal at the end of the day aslong as its in your heart its metal
Nu-Metalhead "dude i went to a slipknot gig korn surporrted"

Metalhead "dude slipknot arnt metal"

Nu-Metalhead "fuck off!!!!!!!!!"

Nu-Metalheads "dudes its still metal chill out"
by xander synaster April 21, 2009
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