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Although there is no genre of music that has been officially dubbed 'nu rock', many see nu rock as another name for post-grunge for sounding similar to nu metal without the metal feel and the elements of hip-hop. Although post-grunge isn't commonly known as nu rock, many believe that if you had to call any kind of music 'nu rock', it would have to be post-grunge more than anything.
"Who's your favorite nu rock band?"
"Nu rock? You mean nu metal?"
"No, nu rock. You might know it as 'post-grunge'."
"Oh! In that case, my favorite 'nu rock' band would have to be Creed."
by xRockandMetalx December 20, 2009
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The newest age of rock.
Like Nu-Metal but doesnt have the guitar as main instrument.
>I can see i can see im going blind
Linkin Park
>One step closer to the edge and im about to break
by zepth August 19, 2004
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A genre of rock bands that are different from being metal or being just an ordinary rock group. Another word for it would be alt rock.
Breaking Benjamin
Authority Zero
Linkin Park (maybe)
Stone Temple Pilot
Three Day Grace
Foo Fighters
Our Lady Peace
by Alan Massacre April 17, 2009
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The stupid new genre of music that all you fucking so called "cultured" people listen to. This is the shit thats huge for like one fucking second and then goes away. Music with no real fucking talent only with ability to have their fucking gay videos shown like 50,000 fucking times on MTV. Anyone who listens to nu metal can eat my fucking dick. fuck you.
i.e.:limp bizkit, disturbed, staind, slipknot, puddle of mudd, or whatever else you fucking stupid faggots listen to. Try real fucking music for once, like led zeppelin, Floyd, The Who, or fucking Radiohead.
by Fighter Hayabusa July 08, 2003
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an idiotic psychopath who doesnt know his arse from his elbow
by Anonymous October 22, 2003
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A man of greatness and super human strength, he once saved a whole civilisation from a heard of drunken demon possessed sock eating goats
mother fucking goats ill kill u mwahahah twitch **falls to the floor twitching and foaming acid onto the goats**
by NuRock September 26, 2003
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