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Amazing, gorgeous and beautiful. Nozi is funny and an amazing friend. Nozi is so pretty and irresitible to all of the guys.
Nozi (amazing)
by Lol why so funny November 02, 2011
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is often busy baby sitting and doing homework in the library, quite tall and black, like superdry, loves galaxy chocolate.

a big fan of oprah winfrey and barack obama. and bums america.(but instead she lives in england) TRAITOR!..likes doing the robot and loves michael buble.
likes jerry springer & ellen degeneres.

hates jedward styles in the middle of class.. hates racist people (ehem. specially blonde ones)

totally jealous of her awesome and amazing sexy friends.
aka. nicola & jess
telulah:is anyone else coming?
wandahh:no, they're all busy, baby sitting
telulah: oh what nozis!

telulah:do you wanna go to the library and study?
wandahh: wtf?! no were not nozis?????!!!

friend1:whos that girl whos really jealous of her sexxy and amazing friends?
friend2: NOZI.
by iwantkfcrightnow October 28, 2010
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