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A fairly uncommon pornographic magazine whose central focus is homosexual men striking poses with various Chevrolet Novas being used as backdrops for every scene. "Nova Men" appeals primarily to homosexual men who are automotive performance enthusiasts, and to also has a small fanbase of former and current Chevrolet Nova owners. This group of fans is centered primarily in the metro area of Portland, Oregon and stretches into the capitol city of Salem. Reportedly there are an extremely small number of subscriptions to the magazine still in existence due to legally binding contractual agreements that have not expired, and supposedly, if you look hard enough in the Portland/Salem area you may find a current issue laying around your local mechanic's shop.
Wow, Chuck really needs to get over his Chevy Nova, it's not cool, comfortable, or fast, and he's been sitting in it reading the latest issue of Nova Men for the last two hours. Last week he was totally naked except for his crash helmet when he ran the quarter mile, just because some stupid article in Nova Men said it would help improve his launch.
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