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Definition: upwardly mobile chav camouflaged in their urban habitat, most notably upper working class and middle class estates, usually by boycotting bling and taking their offspring to after school activities following homework. Their chav origins are exposed when they are called to defend their human rights, often loudly proclaiming about the 'civil injustice', for something like preserving their children's freedom of expression to be bullies if they so wish it.
How do you make a Nouveau-Chav angry? Call them a chav as they won't know what nouveau means.
by Bruce Brithe April 22, 2017
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The nouveau-chav's are a new breed of Chavs, characterised by the loud and brash behaviour, who focus upon the need to be recognised as special. They aspire to be important but expect people to treat them as such.
Saud is a nouveau-chav as he expects people to recognize how important he is, and if not recognised starts getting load and obnoxious.
by Mr MAAArk June 16, 2019
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