You have to go out opposite side of you!
Girl:hey bro boy:why you callin me a bro? Girl:it’s January 15 National opposite day!
by Bananaboo315 January 15, 2020
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Opposite blanket day is were to HAVE to trade blankets with someone in your household for the day.
“Today is Opposite blanket day, we HAVE to swap blankets!”
by retro boy November 14, 2020
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july 29 when you tell girls there hot but there not 🥶
boy: sup hawty
girl: hey 🥰
boy: it’s opposite day bitch
by 2111savage July 29, 2022
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Opposite Day is on every Wednesday and Saturday if you say no you mean yes but you can chose when to do Opposite Day
Opposite Day is a strange but fun day
by ...GOOGLE February 27, 2021
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