4 definitions by Bananaboo315

You have to go out opposite side of you!
Girl:hey bro boy:why you callin me a bro? Girl:it’s January 15 National opposite day!
by Bananaboo315 January 15, 2020
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The day where you Celebrate Pandas and their Existence That means get crazy With Pandas and cuddle up!
Girl: Why are you hugging your stuff toy Panda?
Other Girl: Because its November 1 National Panda Day
by Bananaboo315 May 31, 2020
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You get to give as many hugs as you want!
Girl:Give me a hug

Girl:cause it’s December 20 hug your crush day
by Bananaboo315 December 19, 2019
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Girl:Hey do you want to go on a date? Boy:why? Girl:because it’s Date your crush for a week day
by Bananaboo315 December 11, 2019
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