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The term "Nosey Neighbour" is a sexual manoeuver where one might part the anus or vaginal lips to simulate that of a "curtain twitcher" peering out to gather intelligence on an unsuspecting resident. The move can then be followed through with a flick of the tongue or merely a quick sharp sniff.
The curtains in question can be gently parted or ripped apart like a rampant rapist. Depending on how nosey you feel at the time....
Me and Dooley had a great night at the Theatre on Friday.
He took me to the West End to watch a wonderful production and then we ended up back at his place where he forced me to hovver just above his face and gave me quite a forceful "Nosey Neighbour". The twitching went on for nearly a minute... But it was amazing
by LordWard November 01, 2010
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