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A small town in Upstate NY inhabited by around 2,000 inbred turds who do nothing but drink keystone light and blast knuckle children all over eachother. The girls there gather at the pink chicken and suck tons of cocks under the skatepark ramps. The men of this town enjoy heading over to Stewart's, across the street from the pink chicken. Where they stick their penises into exhaust pipes and pour copenhagen all over them selves while they rev their trucks up in the parking lot as a mating call to the girls sucking all the cocks. The number of people who live there that haven't fucked their sister or cousin is 0! The amount of inbred cousin porking action up there is due to the smallness of town. No one there knows how to read due to the stupidity caused from them coming out of an incestual washing machine that someone forgot to pour bleach in. Potheads and dopers wonder the streets aimlessly looking for goat and other farm animals to pork. That town needs a serious clean up and until they realize that sucking their cousins dick under the skate ramps won't improve conditions and that the protein from all the ingested semen is less then if the just cooked a regular egg in a pan instead of in their mouths.
by Bootysmasher60 March 25, 2017
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