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The place where the only thing in your 3 year contract that will last you more than 1 month is your car payment.

A car dealership that sells cars that are on the verge of having their engine blow for no less than $11,000.

When you ask them what the price is of a vehicle you are interested in, they will respond "the computers are down right now, I will let you know when the computers are fixed". When your engine blows, they will give you the run around. When you ask for the owners name, they will give you endless excuses as to why they can not give you that information. When you do research about this car dealership you will wonder why they havn't been shut down yet.
Jack: Did you hear that Bob bought a vehicle from Northpointe Motors (home of instant car credit) T.C. MI today?

Jill: It's too bad he didn't do his research on that dealership. I predict his motor will blow in less than a month and he will be stuck making the payments and carless.
by luv_gdes November 30, 2011
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