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A family that is so pimp we have our own roads and lanes.. Like Northcutt Lane, where a lot of them used to live, etc.

To be a *Northcutt* Is special and you should represent the name well, because it is a well known name that gets you recognized!
Damn, That dude was a Northcutt. No wonder he was pimped out...
by Northcutt August 14, 2009
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To receive a 'Northcutt' or to be 'Northcutted' is roughly the equivalent to being raped in the ass by twelve large, angry African elephants simultaneously. i.e. this is something you do not want to happen to you.
"Dude, do you remember the story about that guy whose wife shoved a razor-laden dildo into his chode because he cheated on her? Yeah, that dude caught a wicked hard Northcutt."
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