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The North End Connections are a musical group, call them rap if you want... but they are just a bunch of natives, singing songs about how drunk, dirty and stupid natives are. They are from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, native central.

Their name comes from the area of town that most dirty natives come from, the North End, the shittiest part of Winnipeg, besides Transcona.

Their most popular song is "The RCMP always chases me", it talks about the every day activities of a stinky native, huffin gas, robbin shit, curb stompin white kids, shaking babies and so forth.

If you want to hear this hilarity go on Limewire and search them up, songs are; "the RCMP always chases me", "Imtermission" and "100 natives runnin".
North End Connections
The RCMP always chases me:

Once apon a time
it happened last week,
oh yeah....

(police sirens....)

You hear something?
ah fuck, Dammit!
fuckin busted again
...okay what did i do?
Whatever fuck!
The RCMP is always chasin me and i have no fuckin clue why,
Jesus Fuck!

The more the more the more gas that i huff it fuckin makes me insane,
and then i do these stupid things and have nobody to blame;
like robbing liquor stores and fuckin punchin old ladies, curb stompin whities, slappin bitches and shakin their babies!-

-Cause im an indian, thats right hundred percent creee
i hang out downtown in a bus shack always drinkin OV,
Nice fuckin shoes you dont mind if i try them on, HOLY SHIT THE FUCKIN FIT - naii boy consider em gone!

I put the nate back into native i dont know my own name
drunk as a skunk cant even walk and always feelin the same
im always puking cause im hammared passin out on a bench
Holy Jesus fuckin god what is that stench...? me.

The RCMP always chasing me cause im a smelly fuckin native and i cant even see!

The RCMP always chasing me cause i beat up my wife with the branch from a tree!

The RCMP is always chasing me cause i stole six cases of Mr. Clean!

The RCMP always chasing me becasue i stink. naii.

Naiii Boy........
by diseased sheep June 20, 2006
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