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a girl who grew up and was raised in North Carolina; strong personality, sweet southern accent and always a daddy's girl. Love's to drink sweet tea with every meal and watch north carolina, nc state and duke basketball; appreciates her heritage and doesnt mind the changing weather from freezing one day to 78 degrees the next; likes to go antique shopping and to find connections between families; goes to Chick-fil-a weekly (except on sundays) and drinks cheerwine almost as much as sweet tea; says "ya'll" and "bless your heart"
1. "Hey ya'll! you have relative in Snow Camp,North Carolina too?"

2. "Welcome to North Carolina ya'll! Come inside and have a glass of sweet tea"

3. "well, bless your heart for coming all this way to North Carolina!"

4. "North Carolina girls best in the world"
by Emm Be. June 10, 2010
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These girl were born in North Carolina and are proud of their home town. They are gorgeous inside and out. They're the best friend you could ever have. They love with all their heart and are very hospitable. NC girls also know their way around a kitchen and can cook better than your mama. If you come across a North Carolina Girl you better hold on to her tight!
"You haven't ever lived until you've been loved by a Carolina Girl"
"North Carolina Girls, best in the world"
by CarolinaDarling August 23, 2014
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