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You constantly hear "my nigga" or "that's whats up". Majority of the people in the school are hispanic. Majority of the students who attend are ghetto. There are too many potheads to count. You can smell weed out of the boys bathroom. You have gym everyday and it's a pain in the ass. When you walk to and from school on bergenline, there is always some creepy guy starring at girls. You always hear girls talking about how "someone's talk'n shit." and how they're going to fight them. You never hear someone say "totally" or "seriously" rather than "deadass." You can get a referral for having your id under your shirt or being late to lunch. Wearing an I.d. after your last period, you'll be called a freshman. Favoritism plays a big part in NBHS. Half of the teachers in the school shouldn't even be teaching because they're bipolar. A lot of the teachers think that all students are bad and the good ones should be taken for granted. The security guards are annoying. Word spreads around like the h1n1 virus. Half of the kids in the school have some sort of STDs. If you loose your virginity in nbhs, it would probably be in your Freshman year. There are a whole bunch of chongas with their camiltoes because of their really tight pants. Of course nothing is said to them because the security guards like looking at them, but wearing sweat pants is a crime against god, and your sent to (ISS) or (TLC). Sometimes you feel like the staff of the school is in a mafia of some sort.
my nigga there's this white boy that just came from paramus.
everygirl is on his dick, he's so gay.
He doesn't belong in North Bergen High School
by stopitstupid March 07, 2012
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