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Being a Norsebag entails having a low IQ, being refused admission into Universities, hating the minorities who do well academically despite being low income immigrants, blaming their joblessness on minorities rather than their symptoms of wackyness (oft found in the DSM IV,) obsession with MMA despite an inability to throw punches and perform takedowns, and paramount to all: being a racist on account of the misguided notion that they are Aryan.
Norsebag: I AM AN ARYAN!
Miroslav: No. I have my Phd in Linguistics and I can tell you that you're not.

Norsebag: YOU WANNA FIGHT?! I FIGHT MMA! UFC! I MEAN... my dick is small?

Miroslav: Ya man that sucks for you. Great to know.
by snayk the jake plisken August 01, 2011
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