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A popular female name in Holland. Most Noortje's relate their name to "Noortje the cow" an apparently popular character in the country of debauchery and pot.
Most Noortje's will exhibit the following symptoms: excitement,exuberance, and excitement, followed by a big smile, a red face and sometimes an "OMNOMNOM".
These symptoms can be caused by anything of epic dimension, ranging from bits of delicious food, to awesome-adrenaline-pumping roller coasters.
Noortje's also have a sturdy and tenacious spirit that will keep them going in beating you up until they win.

Noortje is AKA noor,naughty,and other names that are completely unrelated.
DUDE, I am totally going to score with Noortje tonight, BOOYA!
by HOMEBOY77777 March 26, 2011
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A name that Is original Arabic but a lot of Dutch people are called Noortje.

Noortje is a name for girls who fuck things up all the time.....
oh yeah there is Noortje oh no she fucked up again?!
by babyilikeyourass July 02, 2016
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