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A Noorah is the most kind-hearted, true, honest, comforting, funny, and beautiful person you will ever meet. Her smile and laugh is enough to brighten anyone's day. A Noorah can always make you feel better about yourself in times of distress. A Noorah is very sensitive at times and requires someone who cares about her and can comfort her when it is needed. Noorahs are very smart, but deny being it. Overall, a Noorah is the greatest person you will ever know.
"Noorah is so great, words and emotion cannot even decribe how great she is."
by 393766278487 May 26, 2018
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A noorah is a person who steals all your friends because she doesn't have any. Her face is so oily she lit up my frying pan. So if you see "Noorah oil" at Walmart don't say I didn't warn you. BEWARE SHES EVERYWHERE! OH NO, THE OIL MONSTER IS COMING!
Noorah is a bully because she took all my friends.
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by ILOVEPPL December 20, 2017
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