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Refers to a character or person from the PMLN political party usually with a low IQ and somewhat deranged disposition. Usually a noonitoon suffers from speaking difficulties, incoherent language spoken or written and uncoordinated gestures. Noonitoons will often hang around in packs or in a social group for support. However a noonitoon will often turn on his own in a fit of rage or when provoked. A noonitoon can also be an individual/s attempting to display violence similar to a Gullu Butt.
Collectively the term noonitoon can also describe PMLN thugs, hooligans, vandals, as well as comical and eccentric PMLN politicians. Noonitoons have alliances to PMLN and on occasions such as rallies, political demonstrations/marches and press conferences their services are paid and bought for to make up the numbers.
Noonitoons spread PML literature and ideology in public media and act as internet trolls on various political discussions, social networks and forums. In general noonitoons usually conspires and prefabricated false allegations and will even resort to sabotage.
A: “Pir Sabir Shah is the noonitoon singing Go Nawaz Go?”
B: “Is it true that Billu Butt is a notorious noonitoon?”
C: “the reporter and anchor is a noonitoon”
by Cricket Buff October 12, 2014
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