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Infamous slogan became common language and expression used against the problems arising from a corrupt regime. It refers to the removal of an oppressive and fake Government elect of Nawaz Sharif who rigged and committed the biggest election fraud in the history of Pakistan in 2013.
Go Nawaz Go is used by the entire public and all age groups from men, women, children and senior citizens. It is also used in many songs, anthems and since going viral it has spread worldwide on the internet and international public venues.
Go Nawaz Go is also used to demand a resignation from Nawaz Sharif for rigging the election, stealing the people’s mandate and because his Government failed miserably in the wake of the killing of innocent protesters, mass corruption, nepotism, tyranny, fascism, suppressing the poor masses, poverty, huge utility bills, taxes, money laundering, commission agenda and brutally corrupt police and justice system.
During September to October 2014 historic and record attendances at protests in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Mianwali, Multan and Faisalabad with millions shouting and chanting “Go Nawaz Go”. In September 2014 Nawaz Sharif visit to the UN in New York had the world record attendance against a foreign national country head and they were all shouting Go Nawaz Go.
Newscaster: “School children are shouting ‘Go Nawaz Go’ ”
Newscaster: “Flights delays at the airport prompted passengers in shouting “Go Nawaz Go”
Sheikh Rasheed: “You are corrupt, dishonest, sluggish, get out! Go Nawaz Go !!!”
TuQ: “If your electricity cuts out then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’, If your household gas is stopped then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’ If your water supply is cut out then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’, if flies are annoying you then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’, If mosquitoes will not let you sleep then say ‘Go Nawaz Go’ ”
by Cricket Buff October 13, 2014
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