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Love bite

When someone marks you as their territory by sucking on your neck or other visible area, leaving a sign to other potential suitors that you have recently had relations

An ugly purple bruise that happens when someone sucks on an area of skin with gusto, bursting the capillary blood vessels just below the surface

An off putting sign that is usually seen on teenagers and adolescents. Often worn as a badge of honour in friendly circles until it drives away the wearers next would be date with revulsion.

A way for sluts to mark their exploits or conquests.

A way for people to tell that the wearer sleeps around and may not be a suitable safe sexual partner.

Do not let anyone suck on your neck unless you are in a relationship with them.

The same principle as cattle branding, you are owned until the mark heals which can be as long as a month if the person sucking knows what they are doing.

Similar results can be achieved by using a hoover to suck on your neck or pinching and twisting with extreme force bursting the blood vessels just below the skins surface.
Oh shit i never realised the bitch gave me a "nookie badge" until she left. How am i gonna pass this off to my girlfriend?

You - "Babe, i swear it was my mates with the hoover, they pinned me down and attacked my neck"

Babe - "Lying bastard, i know you been with that slut up the street"
by Wilbo Baggins November 12, 2010
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