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A noobsword, or n00bsabre, is a weapon which is given to all n00bs. It is hideously weak, with nothing that could impress anyone (attack or decoration) and not worth jack. It is commonly used by clueless n00bs, froobs, or any other term for new, clueless idiot to a game-or in conjunction with the disguise of a veteran MMORPG player who doesn't want true noobs to pester him endlessly.
Types of n00bswords include:
Bronze swords and training swords from runescape-ever since Tutorial Island was introduced, they have been shoved into the hands of eager n00bs. Come to think of it, it pretty much counts for any sword below Runite.
lvl 3 noob: w00t I m teh pwn@ge w/ m7 1337 training sword and shield!
Veteran player: roflmao, those are Noobswords. they suck? I've got dragon battleaxe and obby shield.

lvl 3 (obviously clueless): my training sword pwns! DM n00b!
Veteran player: Sigh.
at the duel arena...
lvl 3: wtf I keep hitting 0s!
veteran player pwns n00b in one hit.
veteran player: and remember kids, training swords suck, and so do all other Noobswords like bronze! along with that, don't use 1337!
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