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(interj.) Used to indignantly turn down/refuse to even consider a preposterous request, suggestion, query, etc., especially when the speaker (usually female) is mildly outraged, feeling that the asker (usually male) should know better than to even ask such a thing, and considering the question to be beneath her diginity and/or an insult to her intelligence, as if the asker really thinks that the speaker is so incredibly stupid/naive that she would actually not see through such an obvious and thinly-veiled "loaded" remark.
Girl (disgustedly): Haven't you got ANYTHING better to say than chauvenistic wisecracks??? You've been razzin' me all morning!
Guy (grinning impishly): Yeah, I know --- awful, aren't I? So whatcha gonna DO about it --- SLAP MY BUTT?
Girl (indignantly): Noh-wuh!
Guy (disappointed): "Noh-wuh"?? No spankin' my butt to get back at me fer sassin' ya??
Girl (smugly): No-wuh! Cuz you might ENJOY it! I wasn't BORN YESTERDAY, y'know!
by QuacksO January 14, 2015
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