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When a problem is impossible to solve or a person is impossible to cooperate with, it is called "Nodab".
Oh Cheolsu, Your GPA is such nodab. Study more or you will live as a nodab forever.
by Kimchioppa April 14, 2018
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Number One Down Ass Bitch

One being of the female gender who is always motivated to hang with the guys, sport the "I don't give a fuck attitude", and put hoes in their place as a dedication maneuver for a bro.

NOTE: The NODAB title can only be awarded to a female distributing physical qualities of a dime-piece.
Male: "We got grenades and landmines all up in here"

NODAB: "I'll give em 'the look' and get them the fuck outta here"
by Brotivated November 25, 2010
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