A term commonly used by American Patriots to convey a warning to the opposition, both foreign and domestic, to tread carefully.
Jerry: I am going to go take your personal property away.
Jerry: Oh sh*t. Sam wasnt kidding about protecting his stuff.
by Whiskey Slough Q July 29, 2018
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The definition used by the most patriotic humans on God's green Earth. NSOS can refer to any human both foreign and domestic that has a problem with having their God given rights stripped from them. However, is most recognized in the U.S.A. NSOS is derived from the "Don't tread on me" Gadsden flag: a yellow colored flag with a snake in the center- clearly meaning there are consequences when attempting to overtake or overthrow another human being, entity, company, or alike.
See: Claymore Roomba
See: Fuck around and find out
Scumbag 1- "Hey, let's go rob that fool's house.
Scumbag 2-"I wouldn't do that. There's a No Step On Snek flag hanging from his roof."
Scumbag 1- "It's a kid-drawing of a poorly drawn snake and grass. I'm going without you."
*Scumbag 1 has left the chat and reduced to pink mist due to being claymore roomba'd*
Scumbag 2- "Guess he fucked around and found out."
by That Grilled Cheese American September 20, 2020
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Word usually used by racist douchebags who don’t like being told to stop being racist. They perceive negative responses to their doucheyness as treading on their constitutional rights. Flag is usually flown as an anti-argument to people protesting their rights given away.
Hey Bob, look at those BLM protestors protesting the violation of their constitutional rights by law enforcement. Let’s fly our No step on snek flag so they understand that their protest of the violation of their constitutional rights actually violates my constitutional rights.
by Ihatefascists2020 December 30, 2020
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