Something Dimitris G will say when he's frustrated.
Person 1: Ela re Dimitris G your skin is shiny like a lizard
Dimitris G: No, No, No...............You, You, You!!!
by Greek_Cypriot February 12, 2022
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A common phrase used to show liking to someone. Invented by an Israeli satire show for a character based on the Ranana vice-mayor, Uzi Cohen.
he: I really like your ideas
you: you, you cute you
by Rani March 13, 2005
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"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" can be defined as when Mr. Ben Phillips has had enough of everyone being loud and a GaY CuNt
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you" is defined as:
Ben Phillips walks in - the class is talking

"Thank you" x1 - Shut up
"Thank you" x2 - Shut the f*ck up
"Thank you" x3 - Shut the f*ck up or i'll throw you out the f*cking star jasmine
"Thank you" x4 - Ben Phillips proceed's to throw some arrogant sl*t out the f*cking star jasmine
by Ben take it up Phillips August 20, 2019
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Self-appointed authority to make someone annoying go away. Gleaned from a similar phrase used by the cool "Bailiff Byrd" from the "Judge Judy" show.
Girl: What are you doing? Does this make me look fat? Can I bitch at you about all my girlfriends that I hate? Are you gonna just lie there all day and watch TV? Wanna go to the mall?

Guy: Thank you, you are excused, you may step out.
by Loudin Obnoxious July 18, 2008
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