An undertaking of great endurance and perseverance. When a group of friends (usually, but not always male) pledge to each other to not masturbate for the whole month.

Only the toughest and most resolute will make it through this so called "hell" month, but it is a life changing experience. The confidence and discipline learned during these 30 days can be applied to many other endeavors in life.

The camaraderie and support of your friends is a must to successfully execute this stunning feat of dedication.

Although it is mainly a guy thing, girls are permitted, and in fact encouraged, to participate as well. The more support the better.

Needless to say, for those who make it, it will rain on December 1.

Good luck and Godspeed.
November 23:

Guy 1: Hey man, I heard you're doing no fap November
Guy 2: Yeah

1: How can you do that man?
2: Its hard work, but its worth it. All the chicks dig the competition to see who will last

1: Dude, I think I'll do that next year!
2: Cool man, just spray your hand with pepper whenever you feel like doing it.
by AndyMcFapper November 4, 2009
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Proclaimed as one the the hardest challenges ever,"no Fap November".

The idea is that the challenger must not fap at all.

The only exception is that you can have sexual intercouse, as the founders did not want to cock block ANYONE!

The rules are simple. " NO SELF PLEASURE WHATSOEVER", through the entire month of November.

Even though many belive that there is no reward for completing this challenge, others have faith in its many rewards it can offer, especially for the one's who do not have a GF. They will build up the courage to finally ask the preetty girl out, other than having their mind thinking they do not need anyone other than their hand.

Another reward can be for the men that masterbate regularly , they can sometimes never climax when they do have sex with a women, because their sensitvity drops with masterbation. So going a month without self pleasure can give those few another positive outcome.

Others say that the only negative spin-off that comes with "No fap November" , is that the chances of having wet dreams immensely increases

Best reward of all is not feeling nasty after you just fapped to that tranny porn.

No studies have shown that is it unhealthy not to fap for a month because the male body's have other ways to dispose of it.
On the other hand studies have shown that it can be unhealhthy low frequnicies of ejaculating but it has to be over the course of at least 2 years. This challenge only requires a month...

Good luck in your month of no fap!
Mike: Happy No Fap November!!!
Justin: Can i take a mulligan?


Mike: Its No Fap November!!!

Sally: Wanna have sex??

Mike: No...because we are friends with benefits and not dating it would be breaking the rules...

Sally: so horny...
by OgMikeBone November 2, 2009
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