An amazing,sweet,loving,caring person with a lot of friends and a very social person.
Nni is so sweet
by Fish licked June 1, 2020
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An athletic amazing dumb bitch she’s funny is a loyal friend and can make anyone happy
I love nni

Me too
by Quebt June 1, 2020
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Acronym, Not 'Nuff Information.

Antonym: TMI (Too Much Information)
Person 1: I had a sex dream about you 8 months ago ....
Person 2: NNI
by A. F-C July 4, 2009
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A nickname for a strong person who everyone is scared of. They get angry for no reason and can murder you easily.
Remember when that nni headbutted you down the stairs because you said she was short?
by Just A Knee May 10, 2022
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