An idiot or a dickhead, someone who thinks theyr'e cool.
"Omg did you see what Larissa said? She is such a nitty!"
by jgems September 24, 2007
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The real meaning is Someone who either has nits, is unpopular or both.
Wow freya is such a nitty
by Randomroady July 21, 2019
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person 1: β€œHave you ever met Stacy?”
person 2: β€œYeah she’s a fucking nitty.”
by gangnamstylelol July 17, 2020
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Nitty has a few different meanings, one being somebody who focuses on the small negative aspects of something instead of seeing the big picture. Basically nitty is used to describe a nitpicker. Also see nit.

Nitty is also often used to describe somebody who is tight with their money, or somebody who you can never please.

The term is popular in the poker community to describe somebody who is tight and plays only very strong hands, and now the poker community has expanded the use of the world to capture life nittiness too.
Example 1:

"Man I really love this game but I hate how my character only has 5 different pairs of sunglasses to choose from, what a load of crap!"

"Dude, stop being so nitty. Who the hell cares about sunglasses anyways?"

Example 2:

"I'm not sure what to get, the buffalo wings sound great but the hamburger meal is two dollars cheaper ..."

"It's a two dollar difference, stop being so nitty and get the wings, jesus."

"Never mind, I think I'll just get a salad."
by A5 May 17, 2008
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