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Nishiana describes someone with passion, strength, faith, abundance of love, emotional and academic intelligence. Nishiana means great growth and transformation. To be Nishiana is to be a phoenix rising from the ashes. No one can define Nishiana but Nishiana. Nishiana knows her worth. Nishiana learns through the pain. Nishiana is someone who has a great capacity to love like no other for the roght person . Nishiana is someone who craves connection beneath the superficial level. Nishiana is someone who trades lust for true love any day. Nishiana is someone who dives into the depths in order to rise above the water stronger than the wave. If you dont want or can't handle Nishiana, then your loss. Nishiana is Queen. Nishiana has more respect for herself.
If you want to achieve greatness, be. Nishiana.

The people watched as she rose from the ashes after all of the pain. Her mental anguish cut at her soul and mind each day, but she rose anyway. She rose with a crown made with the stones that life threw at her. The people wondered how she did it, but then they realized what she was made of: Nishiana. It was the strongest material of mankind. An unstobbable element not from this earth and created by God Himself.
by Tiny Topper January 19, 2018
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Nishiana is a young woman of great transformation. She is someone who does not need anyone to define her because she defines herself. Nishiana is a queen. Nishiana is mental and emotional strength, growth, internal and external beauty, intelligence, passion and compassion. Nishiana is love. Nishiana is young woman of faith. To be Nishiana means to be someone who trumphs over life’s difficulties and learns God’s lessons. To be Nishiana means being soneone who follows their intuition and allows their emotions and intellect to guide them. If you are an independent person of faith and passionate and indescribable love, you are a Nishiana, and their is no one like you honey.
She has a very Nishiana type of vibe.

With alot of Nishiana, you will succeed!

The people wondered how the young girl was still standing after all of the pain, but they soon realized that she wore a crown made of the same stones that life threw at her. She wore that crown the way any Nishiana would.
by Tiny Topper January 19, 2018
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Nishiana is a girl who has certain qualities and characteristics that make her a great partner in a relationship once/if you can get over tough times.

Those qualities include: Perfect, Beautiful inside and out, sexy, hot, cute, Intelligent, thoughtful, caring, loving, hardworking, passionate, goal oriented, emotional, serious at times, fun, FUN, hard to love, hard to stop loving, superhuman, Queen.
If you had Nishiana in your life you wouldn't be struggling to find a good woman.
Times can be tough when your girlfriend is Nishiana but tough times lead to great times.
by Irabaj March 12, 2017
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