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Nishail is an amazing and beautiful girl. Nishail is the most caring and sweetest person anyone could meet. Nishail cares about others a lot more than she cares about herself. She does not care what haters got to say. Nishail knows that life should be appreciated and be lived to the fullest, she knows that we should not take anything for granted and that we should balance life with fun and work. Nishail is an amazing friend once you really get to know her, she will always stand by your side.
Person: I don’t fell well....I don’t feel wanted in this world anymore

Nishail: others cannot make you feel wanted it’s you who needs to know your wanted. Life doesn’t revolve around other people sometimes you need to take the time to appreciate yourself.
by #NeverGiveUp November 19, 2018
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An ugly, horrible looking creature that can be defined as a troll or an extremely ugly dwarf but differs due to the creature feeding off the fear of crying infants
Today I could almost be a Nishail
by Dr Men December 26, 2017
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