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Nintendo's new online service that launched at the same time as Mario Kart DS. The idea is great, Nintendo games online. The execution of friends is done worse in Mario Kart DS than it is in a third party game, Tony Hawk's American Sk8tland.

Proof that Nintendo means well but dropped the freaking ball:

To play someone specific online requires the exchange of friend codes. A process that can't be done in game. So if I play a stranger, have a good match, and want to add him to my friend list I can't.

Disconnecting results in no penalty to the disconnecting player.
guy over IM 1: Wanna play Mario Kart DS over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection?
guy over IM 2: Sure, my friend code is XXXXXX-XXXXXX
guy over IM 1: mine is YYYYYY-YYYYYYY
guy over IM 2: I'm searching
guy over IM 1: Searching
guy over IM 2: Did you lock me?
guy over IM 1: Yeah
*minutes later*
both guys over IM : YES
*race begins*
*guy two shuts his DS off before a close loss*
guy 1: WTF you quit
guy 2: I must've lost my wi-fi for a bit
by Brian Johnson November 19, 2005
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The shittiest online gaming experience in existence.
All I wanna do is play brawl. When the game doesn't lag I get 20100. If I don't get 20100, I get 51330. Fuck Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. I'm migrating to xbox live
by MrMaggetManofDeath May 31, 2009
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