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Nintendo RS is going to be the most likely name for Nintendo's codename: Revolution. Nintendo RS stands for either Revolutionary screen, Or Revolutionary System. The Revolution is the only TRUE next gen game console. Sony and Microsoft think that just because they make the graphics better and the processor more powerful that means its better, But its not. Tech specs aren't important, Neither is HDTV. Nintendo focuses on gaming first, And Graphics second. There are two reasons why I said the Revolution will be the only true next gen game console. One is that it will be able to play games all the way back to its first game console. That includes NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, And its own array of new games, This redefines bacwards compatability. The second revolutionary part of the Revolution, Is the controller. Its not a standard controller, You can control it by using the buttons, And by moving the actual controller itself in a 3D enviornment. This means that there are more possibilities for games than the Xbox, Xbox 360, PSX, PS2, And PS3 put together. The possibilities are endless. The Revolution will also come in at least 5 different colors and will be about the size of 3 DVD cases stacked flat on top of eachother. One of the best things about the Revolution is the free online play using WI-FI, This definitely beats the PS3's ability to use 7 controllers simultaniously. The Revolution is supposed to be priced between $99-299, Although Nintendo said it would be affortable, And below $300.00. Plus Nintendo makes the best games, Usually Sony and Microsoft only make boring sports and racing games, Plus the Xbox 360 and PS3 are too expensive. Just for fun, Go to
Nick: Hey I got a PS3 for $854.00
Justin: I got a Nintendo RS for under $300.00
Nick: Yeah well, I got the next Grand Turismo game and I can play it with 6 other controllers
Justin: I got Super Smash Bros. Revolution and I can play tons of people online around the world for free
Nick: ..... I know you are but what am I
by RamuneMatt February 04, 2006
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