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An idea, invention or action that surpasses ingenuity in a sneaky way.
Now that's what i call ninjanuity!

What a ninjenuous idea!
by Joey Shithouse March 01, 2007
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to react at a certian point in time where you would not be able to do something but only for that point and time, acrobatic like mind wise or even being sneaky
barbra was coming out of the kitchen with 2 plates in her hand as she started to fall derek grabed one of the plates and her with out dropping anything on the floor, and looking highly dramatic. dam derek that was Ninjanuity there
by Derek Post June 02, 2007
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The act of swiftly, strongly, intelligently & creatively responding to any situation

adj. Ninjenious
"How did you get out of there alive?" - "Simply ninja-nuity my friend, ninja-nuity."
by Sir James Hat December 01, 2011
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Derived from the word ingenuity; meaning people with mad and hip type movements that always and continually keep things upbeat.
Hey bro use your awesome ninjanuity skills to bust these serves and make our paper homie.
by d3vilsr3j3ct82 April 11, 2015
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The art of sneaking deadly ideas into a project such that they are not detected until it's too late.
Sunni used her ninjanuity to slip a few features into our client-approved website design that are impossible to build. We all reviewed the design, but none of us saw it until it was too late.
by javanaut April 14, 2011
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