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worthless people from a worthless county or riverside. they all wear black shoes with black socks with black shorts(preferrable dickies) with black t-shirt(tapout, warrior, wannabee fight gear ect.) black hats and black sunglasses. with lifted trucks to make up for sexual impotence theese douchebags love nappy beers like bud and cooers. they also commonly court nasty skanks who wear plattform sandals with lots of pink and zebra print (a.k.a. bro hoes) all 9ballers think they can fight and will front whenever possible, but fear not for they are ALL pussies and will undoubtably get K.T.F.O. if they rolled up to anyone in HB.
"did you see those nineballers who just parked on P.C.H.?"

"yes, lets go kill them!"

"agreed, lets!"
by Cornish Jaberig April 18, 2009
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A group that go to a bar for the first time and get drunk and throw up at the same bar the same night and then get known as regulars aka Nine Ballers.
Two girls go to a new bar and get drunk and throw up the same night while at that bar. Then the Bartenders see them back the next day call them Nine Ballers.
by Barrens March 19, 2009
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