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A dialect of English that grew out of a desire to bowdlerize vernacular speech by deliberately mispronouncing vowel sounds. Modern Ninanese is characterized by its liberal use of uncommon abbreviations and by its inconsistent but pervasive substitution of the the short /ʌ/, and occasionally /ɨ/, with long /uː/, making "shut" and "fish" sound like "shoot" and "foosh." Occasionally, two- and three-word phrases are substituted with other phrases that bear the same initials.
Ninanese (proficient speaker): That bootch def just made a face at me.
Arthur Von Schwarz: How impolite.
NPS: I mean let's be rull, I look narst as fook. This hair could most certainly bring down oil prices. And this G-town sweatshirt is all kinds of jank.
AVS: Haha if you say so.
NPS: Oh, yeah, whatever, (twirls hair) I mean, I wasn't being serious or anything, but-- (trails off)
AVS: Oh! Sorry! I was kidding!
NPS: Whatevz, I'ma cutchu.
AVS: I don't have time for this, I'm off to a spelling bee.
NPS: Oh! Gloock!!! I was just kidding, I SLLR you! Have foon at your Santa Barbara!!! :):):)
by The Tom Brokaw December 03, 2008
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