Gorgeous, bueatiful and stunning little princess , very sexy and is the most popular girl in the school , he wyebrows are on fleek (always perfect) and has a bit of the ass.
Nimet why you so peng??
NIMETTTTT your bueatiful.
Booty eyebrows peng
by Samet❤ June 12, 2016
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Nimet is a beautiful and funny person who crackes up her friends until there on the floor makes them get an exotic wedgge, has alot of fakes and big opportunitys in her life sometimes shes on the sexxy side
Nimet also means a gift from god she is going to be what sje wants booty bigboobes lotsoffans boysloveher
by Samet❤ April 11, 2016
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once you get fishnets and bunny ears, you'll achieve full nimet form

by dehydratedbeans April 15, 2020
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Goddess of beauty and love in Turkic mythology. As it is known, some still worships to this goddess.
It can be used as a compliment or define attractive, beautiful and cute women.
You are such a Nimet.

Oh my god! You are the most Nimet I've ever seen.
by Leon saddler November 21, 2021
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