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The most amazing person on the planet, she has the sexiest body you could look for and is the best girlfriend you could ever have. If you ever get lucky enough to date this one of a kind girl, don't fuck it up. There will never another girl in your life to take her place.
oh my god, all i had to do is look at NikkiAnn and i fell deeply In love!!! I want to marry her!! :) and i'd totally tap that ass!
by Tanner Lee Hershman October 25, 2010
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The most articulate nit-picker known to man. But while she can be overly composed, she is the one girl who can bring the life to your party.
Whether it's studying or just hanging out, she brings the funk where ever she goes.
A sex fiend that will never let you have it easy.
A suppa fly motha fucka, that can be so ghetto if she wants to be. Especially when she breaks her black berry & needs to use a ghetto ass phone till she gets her new silver or red black berry.
OMG, can you believe it.. she's so perfect. She has to be a nikki-ann
by twilight baby November 02, 2008
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