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A typically tall, long haired beautiful woman. She has a different kind of affection that everyone loves. She is adored by everyone when she opens her sweet and intelligent mouth. If she opens up to you, you know she trusts you and respects you. Don't loose that trust. Has an extremely good ass
Man: I just met this girl Nikala.. She's amazing!
Best friend: They always are! Bro I'm so jealous!
by Crystalwright February 15, 2015
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Nikala, like Mikayla, only with an N. Nikalas are amazing, fun. sarcastic and loving women. Typically blonde, blue eyes and tall. If you have a Nikala, hold on to her for as long as you can. They're rare and unique. They never stop loving.
Guy 1 - So what's her name?
Guy 2 - Nikala
Guy 1 - Holy hell! Don't ever let her go. You lucky bastard.
by HobosWillRule November 17, 2011
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1. An extraordinarly beautiful individual.
2. One who will one day presure a striving career in the fashion idustry.
3. One who is not hard to fall in love with.
4. Someone who speaks their mind at all costs.
5. A person who knows how to give you the best advice even if it isn't what you wanna hear.
6. One of the greatest people you will EVER meet.
Her name must be Nika'la
by CandaceLeeann April 01, 2011
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Nikala is a fucking cunt... That's about it
Ew who TF is that dike, oh her that's just Nikala. Oh seems like a cunt
by Big Gay Boss Boii November 09, 2018
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