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A man born when the babylonian sun used to be in the constellation of cancer. A man with a gluteus maximus which has been deemed the standard of hardness for surgical tool sharpening. He is the man of last call. A callboy who has never disappointed a woman. His voice is morphine. On acid. There's no account of anyone escaping his velour sonority, except very small insects which can't be proven to have hearing at all. And Pumba ate them anyway. For all intents and purposes, James Bond wishes he was Niiamah.

Thesaurus lists "Nemo" as Synonym of Niiamah. But with a huge penis, a rubber cast of which exists.
James Bond: "Is that Niiamah?"

Judy Dench: "Yes, I almost cut my face on his gluteus maximus."

James Bond: "Damn, I wish I was him."

Judy Dench: "Me too, but we'll have to be happy with this rubber cast of his penis."

James Bond: "Fuck. He's got me beat again."
by Jessy McJessjesss March 26, 2010
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