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A daily multivitamin tablet taken by vertically challenged Black American males to increase their height.
"Nigga, you tired of always being shorter than all the shawties?" BAM, Nigrow!

"Nigga, you tired of always being hustled on the basketball court?" BAM, Nigrow!
by Blacky Prost January 19, 2010
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1) One that is far darker than the rest. (Much darker)
2) You could say that they have a permenant tan
3) Those among us that can never get a sun burn
4) The majority of those on the welfare system
5) Synonomous with 'Dirty, rotten, good for nothing, swine-resembling thief'
6) See nigletard
meet: Destiny (Does that not sound like a stipper name???)
See also the scum of the earth
NOTE: watch your wallet when around Nigrows
Also see: Filthy Filthy Filthy Swine
by Grand Master Wizard April 20, 2004
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