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This is where a person of any ethnicity ( including black ) contract this disease. The disease may have a wide and varied amount of symptoms: These include but are not limited to

Saggy pants, slurred speech, sudden obsession with corn rows, using " nigguh, nigga, my nigguh ", sudden crave for ghetto music, finding BBW's ( not Big booty ) extremely attractive.

It's easy to look at someone and see of they have contracted this fatal disease which at this time has no cure.

Treatments may vary with your ethnicity.
So have we gotten back the results yet? Doc 1.

Ah yes sir, here they are. Doc 2

Oh my, it was as I feared. He's definitely contracted niggrotitus. Lets see, baggy pants, not speaking with almost any sort of articulation, and sudden appearance of corn rows. Doc 1

What do we do? Doc 2

If it worsens, we'll need a strong dose of lynching. Doc 1
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